At KG Technical Services we provide the following services for commercial, domestic and industrial;

Design & Installation

KG Technical Services provides the complete solution, from the initial site survey through to design, project management and final commissioning. We use the very latest building load analysis software and prepare detailed CAD drawings when required. We are fully trained and work to the highest standards ensuring a first class installation.

We have trading accounts with all leading manufacturers who can offer between three and five year parts warranties subject to the equipment being regularly maintained. For your peace of mind KG Technical Services holds public liability insurance cover of £5M, a copy of which is available upon request. We comply with all current health and safety legislation together with being certified in the safe handling of refrigerants. All electrical work is carried out by our qualified electrician in accordance with I.E.E. wiring regulations with N.I.C. test certificates provided upon completion. We understand our customers require cost effective cooling, heating and ventilation solutions and take time to evaluate as many options as possible. We also offer advice on equipment that can qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) and can arrange payment schemes for customers who wish to lease complete installations. Our commitment doesn't end with the completion of a successful has just begun.

Maintenance & Repairs

KG Technical Services carry out service and maintenance on all makes of air conditioning equipment. Service call outs are charged as per our standard schedule of rates a copy of which is available upon request. Any subsequent work will be subject to the customer’s acceptance of a written quotation.

KG Technical Services is a REFCOM registered member and is licensed to handle and safely dispose of refrigerants. We are fully qualified to the new City & Guilds 2079 F-Gas certification which became mandatory in July 2011 for all engineers handling refrigerants.

On 4th July 2007 the F-Gas regulation became law. This imposes obligations on users/operators of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment containing 3kg or more of F-gases and states that all leaks must be immediately repaired and record/log sheets must be maintained. Once a pressure and leak test has been carried out it is mandatory for KG Technical to return within one month to ensure the repair is effective.

To maintain the manufacturer's extended parts warranty, the equipment must be covered by a maintenance contract which should be taken out at point of order.

As Daikin approved installers, KG Technical Services can offer a three year parts and twelve month labour warranty on all new Daikin equipment.

All extended warranties are for parts only and exclude condensate pumps and installation materials which have a standard twelve month parts and labour warranty.

Like most types of mechanical equipment, if your air conditioning is not maintained regularly it will eventually let you down, probably when you need it most. To ignore maintenance is a false economy as efficiency will drop and running costs will increase.

Green Energy

KG Technical Services supply and install Air Source & Ground Source Heat Pumps which are suitable for your all of your Hot Water & Heating requirements.

No matter how large or small the building, we will have a heat pump system to meet your needs. Our systems range from a single 4kW unit to multiple units with a single controller producing around 300kW. Domestic hot water storage is also provided using 180 to 1000 litre pressurised vessels designed specifically for our Heat Pumps.

  • Cost effective to install, maintain and run and can save up to 50% on energy bills in comparison with fossil fuels.
  • Unlike most renewable energy companies we provide a full package of installation and design, we also carry out an initial technical site survey free of charge.
  • We will guide you through each stage of the project from design to commissioning.

If you are considering a Heat Pump and require more information please send us your details via our contact page.

The technical process of how a Heap Pump operates

How a Heat Pump Works

  • Brine* circulates in a collector coil and absorbs the heat energy from bedrock, ground, air or water.
  • At the heat exchanger (evaporator) the tepid brine in the collector coil meets the ice-cold refrigerant** in the heat pump, which is then heated a few degrees and evaporates.
  • Then, a compressor compresses the refrigerant. The heat that is then generated is transferred via a heat exchanger (condenser) to the house's heating system.
  • The refrigerant circulates and an expansion valve lowers the pressure and the refrigerant becomes cold again. The process begins again when the refrigerant meets the tepid brine from the collector coil.

* The brine is a mixture that cannot freeze, for example alcohol or glycol.

** Modern environmentally sound refrigerant are used, e.g. hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide. Formerly, freon was used.

Reclaimed and Licenced Disposal

KG Technical Services are certified agents to reclaim and dispose of Aircon Refrigerant. In todays world of Eco Friendly services we would be pleased to discuss the correct and safe measures required to dispose of refrigerant waste. Please use our contact page to discuss this.